Bouncy Castle Sales, Bouncealong is a British Manufacturer which makes Quality Themed Inflatable Bouncy Castles which are suitable for Hire. Our krazy Castles which are bouncy and inflatable range, include: Children's Ball Pools, Kiddies Slides, Activity Play, Quad Bike Tracks, Boxing Rings, Sumo Suits, Gladiator Sets, Gladiator Duals, Soft Play Equipment, Trolleys, Sandbags, Blowers, Repair Kit, Repairs, Ground Sheets and Family & Adult Castles for all occasions. Our Bouncy Castle & Inflatable Bounce Equipment, Ball Ponds and Bouncy Slides are tested and inflated before we sell them. Bouncealong are an established company selling BOUNCY CASTLES. Bouncealong castle sales service is 100% reliable, professional & personal. Once you buy a castle with us, you can rest assured we will deliver. Our bouncy castles are manufactured from double sided 610 gram flame retardant PVC that is sewn with rot proof thread. The bouncy bed area is further reinforced with 2 inch webbing giving this part of the bouncy inflatable castles sixfold stitching. We want you to be happy with our Bouncing Castle Sales. If for any reason you are not satisfied our qualified quality control staff will be only too grateful to resolve any reasonable issues you may have. Kidz do bounce a lot on our castles and kids do bounce and enjoy all the fun and games. Our castles are made in the England, Britain, the United Kingdom, UK,GB in our customised factory. Site visits are welcome.

Promotional Inflatables

Information about: Promotional Inflatables

Do you have something you would like to advertise? Would you like to advertise your company name and products on an inflatable structure, including but not limited to bouncy castles?

Do people drive past your premises and you would like people to stop and find out more about you? An unusual inflatable in the shape of products you provide could be just the answer to attract more customers.

We can paint or print the name and details of your company on our inflatables.

You can have a bouncy castle or other inflatable from our standard product range, or we can provide a quote for a bespoke advertising inflatable structure, for example, in the shape of products you provide.

Many of the competition only want to provide items from their standard designs available in their catalogue. If that meets your requirements, then we are happy to provide that also.

However, we are one of the few inflatable manufacturers that are willing to manufacture bespoke one off inflatable structures to advertise your company. Please contact us for a quote if you require this service.

In this category you will find examples of promotional inflatables we have made to advertise companies.

In today's marketplace you need all the advertising you can get. Allow us to help advertise your company which will make your company stick out from the crowd, which will help to improve your profits.

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